Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nevada has one of the fastest growing populations and with that comes increasing energy consumption.    Billions of dollars are spent annual on energy and the majority of that money leaves the state.  With our abundance of sun, wind and geothermal acitivity, it would be sound advice to seek to become a leader in the solar energy movement.

Enter Ivanpah.

Located in Primm Nevada, the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is the world's largest solar thermal power station. With it's hundreds of thousands of mirrors, it sits on a dry lakebed in stark contrast to the surrounding Mojave Desert.  Owned by NRG Energy, Inc., Google, Inc., and BrightSource Energy, this project can produce 400 megawatts of energy. Initial claims boasted a reduction of carbon dioxide emissions annually in excess of 400,000 tons.

This project is still in it's infancy but already there are tremendous concerns being raised about the habitat of desert species.  Some reports claim Ivanpah to be a "mega trap" for wildlife, insects and birds.  In fact, some Ivanpah employees have referred to the bird's that fly above the installation as "streamers," because of the trail of smoke that occurs when these birds are burned in midair.

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